Tools & Utilities Download - Application Extensions

The following applications are unsupported. If you wish to submit an application or script, please email

OpenProtocols Connector

This software is a Messaging Service Extension for Microsoft Outlook that uses Open Protocols to communicate with messaging platforms (protocols like CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP and SMTP).

Out of Office Utility

This utility provides automated management of autoresponders using email. You need only send it an email, and the subject and body of your message will be used to create an "out-of-office" autoresponder for your mailbox. This enables users to create, activate and deactivate autoresponders without having to use webmail or without having to rely on administrators doing this for them.

Contact Manager

Allows you to to manage your server personal address list (as used by webmail). This utility will allow you to drag and drop contacts from your Outlook/Windows Address Book to and from your server contacts list. This utility requires the HTTPMail service in MailEnable Professional or Enterprise.

Automatic Signup Utility

This feature allows allows people to automatically sign up for MailEnable Mail Accounts. It requires MailEnable 10.13 or later.