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  • Updated: 28-July-2014
  • Author: SpamWord

SpamWord - Filtering Extensions (MTA Pickup Event)

SpamWord extends MailEnable by including an array of configurable filtering extensions and reporting. These extensions include: Filter Attachments, Filter Bayesian, Filter Language of the message, Filter Heading (head) message, Total filter on the message , Whitelist, Blacklist and more.

New Features:

  • Integrates with Microsoft Access and MySQL.
  • New service/filter Email Validation - you can require at sender to validate your mail. In this case the sender receives message once with URL to validate mail.
  • Filter WhiteBodyAndSubject - the messages that contains a word included in this filter are automatically accepted. You can generate a word to communicate at all your customers.
  • Filter Authenticate - all message sent from your domain will be accepted only if they have authenticated with MailEnable.


MxScan - AntiSpam Plugin (MTA Pickup Event with Scanning Engine running as a Windows Service)

MXSCAN is an email security tool used to identify spam emails. Built on top of the .NET 2.0 platform, it has a built-in integration with SpamAssassin, MessageSniffer, ClamAV, DNSBL, URLBL, DCC Check, ShortCircuit, SenderBase, Regex/Keyword Filters, Disclaimers, Archiving, Indexing and more. Messages are scored separately and different filter actions can be taken depending on the spam score.

Pickup Event for SpamAssassin software

Demonstration of the pickup event working with SpamAssassin software. Read the README.TXT file! Version 8 of MailEnable includes a plugin to connect to SpamAssassin, so this is not needed for current users.

Message Filter/Archiving (MTA Pickup Event)

This utility allows you to copy messages matching basic criteria to a nominated mailbox. You can specify your filter by Connector Type - Eg: SMTP, SF, LS or a list of domain names.
  • Updated: 24-Jun-2003
  • Author: Matt Heffron

MTA Pickup Event - Attachment Filtering (Content Type/FileName)

MTA pickup event script to allow filtering of attachments by content-type and/or file-name extension. (VBScript).
  • Updated: 22-Aug-2003
  • Author: Jonathan Lampe, GCIA, GSNA.

SNIMTA - Content Filtering (MTA Pickup Event)

This application allows content filtering by undertaking lexical analysis of messages as they pass through the MTA. Binary application, requires .NET Framework.
  • Updated: 25-Aug-2003
  • Author: See inline documentation.

MailEnable MTA Pickup Event - SoBig virus detection

This VBScript file can be run as a Mail Transfer Agent Pickup Event and will detect and delete messages containing the SoBig Virus.