MEInstaller CLI - Create new article or update documentation

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MEInstaller CLI - Create new article or update documentation

Postby ivanb » Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:43 am


There is article regarding automated software deployment ( ). However, MEInstaller also can be used for repair/reconfiguration. Aforementioned article seems to be outdated and does not describe all available options. For example, there is no information on how to run the following procedures:
  • 2. Web Application Reconfigure
  • 9. Repair Configuration Files
  • 13. Set .NET Framework version for web applications
I have tried to run it (in PowerShell) in different ways to repair Web Applications:

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meinstaller.exe $PASSWORD "Web Application Reconfigure"

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meinstaller.exe $PASSWORD 2

But no success.
I found no CLI options described in documentation as well.

Could you please provide me with some clue, or update documentation/create KB article.

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