Urgent Help. Cannot login to ME on Lan.

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Urgent Help. Cannot login to ME on Lan.

Post by Nomad » Thu Nov 19, 2020 11:56 pm

:?: Have a weird issues today.

Running ME v9 and have for quite some time. All of a sudden no-one can login to our ME server from our internal Primary lan using our Internet Facing FQDN or even the external IP address.

When attempting to login, we receive an error (in short) indicating the server requires a Secured Connection. This is in place (and has been for some time), our SSL cert it valid. I think this is a bogus/best guess error message from Outlook, see below.

We cannot connect using an internal IP as well as our External Static.

Fortunately, we have Secondary Lan with another Static Public IP address with another internal router. When we connect to this other router using the Internet facing IP and via Wi-Fi internally, all is well.

So, we have gone over every setting we can think of looking for a Block/Ban on our primary Static. Nothing found, we also checked for Blocks/Bans on our Primary internal lan - again nothing found.

We added out Primary Static IP to the whitelist, as we as our internal lan - probably not necessary, but trying everything.

We are at this time functional for email, however we would like to figure this out.

Also, the domain and all accounts are active, by definition because we can use email with our Secondary Static.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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